Monitoring and Evaluation for Scaling Up’s Docs Member Publications The coordinates of scaling: Facilitating inclusive innovation

The desire to ensure that the benefits of successful small-scale social innova-tion are more widely available has led to a plethora of frameworks that seek toscale such innovations. We review 20 extant frameworks for scaling and distin-guished four directions: up (producing changes in laws, policies, institutions ornorms), down (resource allocation to support implementation), in (ensuringorganizations have the capacity to deliver the type and number of good prac-tices required) and out (geographically replicating or broadening the range orscope of good practices). In addition to these directions of scaling a genericpathway, or process, to achieve scaling is also discernible across many of theframeworks reviewed. This involves five phases: identifying, planning,implementing, learning and adapting. We stress the need for a more dynamicand systemic approach to scaling, as well as one which anticipates, addressesand assesses the extent to which scaling is inclusive of marginalized groups.

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