Scaling Principles

Abstract Scaling has increasingly been accepted by international development actors as core to their mission, goals and activities. While a number of scaling frameworks have been developed, there is no consensus as to widely applicable scaling principles and lessons. To address this gap, the Scaling Community of Practice commissioned this working paper to help develop such a list of scaling […]

Scaling and Systems: Issues Paper

A recent Working Paper for the Scaling Community of Practice (CoP) identified a number of cross-cutting issues whose further exploration would benefit the entire CoP membership.  One of these was the relationship between Scaling and Systems.  There has been a vigorous debate in the scaling community on the extent to which systems need to be taken into account in scaling […]

Crosscutting Issues Affecting Scaling: A Review and Appraisal of Scaling in International Development

The Scaling Up Community of Practice (CoP) held its 5th Annual Workshop on 19-30 October 2020. Three virtual plenary sessions and nine virtual working group (WG) sessions covered a wide range of scaling aspects. Recordings of these sessions are available on the CoP’s website ( and are summarized in the CoP’s Newsletter #19 which can be downloaded from the website. […]

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